Frontier Songs

Into the Wilderness
Session 1

Alward  Waggoner (the local blacksmith) comes running in to the tavern covered in blood from a head wound, says "goblins" have taken Aubri (kid of the blacksmith) Crea takes off for the forge to investigate, finds that a party of ~ 4 goblins executed a coordinated attack on the forge, scuffled with Al, and carried off the kid. Taking a toy of Aubri's, Crea invokes Krom the Seeker to find a trail—Cael and Issana find an actual trail. Either way, we head northeast deep into the forest. 

Where we encounter a zombie ogre! And kill it. Crea takes a ton of damage and rages. 
We take a long rest, wake up in the morning, re-find the trail, and follow it through the hill country further from Grasmere than maybe we've ever been. 

After about a day of following the trail—it looks like the goblins never stopped for the night—we come across a crypt looking structure guarded by goblins at the top of a hill. We attempt to sneak up but fail to be sneaky and the goblin guard attacks. Fighty fight! As the guard goblins get the worst of it, they run back into the crypt crying for reinforcements—but Talheir kills the last one. 

The mausoleum was built sometime before the fall of the Veridyyan Empire (800-1000 years ago), an empire that was very militaristic and conquered huge swaths of land, at one point it covered the area that is now split into provinces, baronies, and city-states. The Last Imperator had a wildly successful military campaign but died in the final battle, then the empire collapsed within a few decades because he had no heir and the generals and politicians squabbled to seize power. What followed has since been known as The Pandemonium, which lasted for over a century. Even after the events of Pandemonium, war, famine, and plague were common. 

There is something about the Ashen Order trying to battle the chaos worm, maybe that is who the tomb belongs to.

Investigating the entrance to the crypt, we see stairs leading down and, more ominously, evidence that the door to the crypt has been broken open by something large. 


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