Frontier Songs

A Snake A Snake Snake

Session 7

We rejoin our heroes immediately post-fight. 

Digging in the muck like a serious weirdo, Nila finds a ring that is unique enough looking that we suspect someone might recognize. We decide to head off in the other direction and see what the rest of this place holds. We come to another intersection and open area and Crea looks both directions down the right and left halls. The Path ahead and to the right seem to open into a larger room and the one to the left slopes down and stops at a door. Issana goes to investigate the door situation and then opens the door. The hallway past the door slopes further down and we decide to head in that direction. Some people notice that the air has gotten decidedly colder and damper. Once the tunnel levels off, we notice that the walls change from earth to hewn rock. Fewer people notice that the walls seem strangely clean. Talhier and Cael notice that the path is turning further left (E/NNE). 


Eventually, the tunnel opens out into another irregular large room. At one side there’s a leak/small waterfall (the room isn’t flooding, so it’s going somewhere) with a little bit of pooling towards the middle of the room. Cael sees a strange shape in the water, goes to investigate and then gets…smacked in the face. Initiative! A giant goo rises up out of the puddle or possibly was the puddle. It smacks out at Cael, but misses. Crea takes a swing and does some damage, but not much. Nessa does the holy symbol bell thing. Nyla starts chanting, and then sprouts fur, then horns, then an elongated maw with sharp teeth. She’s a chupacabra basically? Bingo casts some bravery and extra hp onto Talhier. Issana gets an arrow off and hits it. It’s like hitting a giant jello with an arrow. Crea gets engulfed in ooze, being paralyzed and suffocated by this thing. Understandably, she freaks the fuck out and calls upon Krom the Defender From Goo to go into a rage. She breaks free of the goo and stumbles away. Nila-The-Chupacabra charges at the thing and pushes it back. Issana shoots it with an arrow. She plays to her strengths. She does some damage, but also encourages us to try fire and throw a torch at it. Talhier and Crea deal some significant damage. Cael deals the death blow, and it explodes out all over Talhier. 


Issana tries to set a bit of the goo on fire, and Crea does a little prayer of “Krom the Gross…this is gross…and it probably doesn’t belong to you, but you can have it back anyway.” Talhier tries to mop himself off. We poke around, possibly in the remains of the goo and pick up 12 gold. We realize that this guy was probably a cave roomba cleaning the cave walls and floor. Note to selves: beware of clean dungeons. 


We head for the hallway to go deeper into the cave. Nila poops. The tunnel begins to start arcing upward but also continues  veering left. We’re now heading north, having basically gone in a big loop. We pass back into dirt-walls and drier air and come to another door. On this side, it’s solid, flat, shut, no handle. Issana does the whole investigation routine but doesn’t find anything useful. Instead of breaking down the door, we head back through the tunnel past the waterfall and the ooze room, back to the intersection we found after leaving the room of bones. We turn left, then come into another open room that does not appear to have any other exits. 


As we walk into the room, we see a statue of a weird creature carved of white bone or ivory. It’s very large, person-sized (5’-6’). It looks at first like a snake, but upon inspection the face is flat and almost humanoid, not pointy like a snake. There are fangs, and a hood like a cobra, some kind of ornate headdress. Bingo, Nessa, and Nila investigate. Bingo finds a well-made statue, Nessa may have heard a story before of a creature like this, mostly snake and only a little human. Nila picks up the smells of lots of people, not just us. There’s no writing or anything on or around it. Towards the back of the room, Cael finds a small wooden box. It’s empty. We leave this room, head back to the intersection and take the remaining hall. 


This hall opens into another seemingly-empty room. Nila smells and hears other creatures along the back wall of the room and starts braying-growling. Some people notice large slithering shapes around the edges of the rooms. One  or two rear up and spread hoods—BIG SNAKES. Talhier and Crea miss, but Issana hits one with an arrow. The constrictor hits Crea and the vipers spit at Cael and Bingo. Crea take a chunk out of a snake, and Cael shoots an arrow through that one’s eye and we are down one snek. Talhier and Crea team up to deal with the snake that was trying to eat Goat-Wolf-Nila, snake is bisected and lets go of GWN as it dies. Issana gets a good shot in at one of the remaining vipers. Cael catches one as it has it’s jaws open to spit and gets it right through the brain. One snake left. Nessa’s Toll The Dead does some damage to the remaining viper, as does Bingo’s crossbow. Nila tries to charge and wipes out. Talhier puts the final viper out of its misery. 


We investigate the remains and whatnot. Not much there. Nila turns back into a person, this snake room leads back to the door we came in. There’s one final unexamined hall, and we head down that one for about 15’ and it comes to an abrupt halt, almost as if they just stopped digging. Except very minor investigation reveals that it’s an trompe l'oeil thing hiding a small alcove with three small chests. Issana insists we don’t touch the chests until she investigates. Which she does and finds nothing alarming. Nessa kicks one, Crea picks one up and shakes it, possibly breaking something inside. Issana opens that one, it’s definitely got a broken vial of healing potion in it. Issana breaks her lock picks in the next lock. Crea promises to make her better lock picks if Ayla’s husband lets her use his forge. They’ll have invocations to Krom Who Opens That Which Is Closed imbued in them and everything. 


Nessa breaks open her chest, and finds 45 Gold. The last chest is still locked, but Crea cracks off the lock with the end of a javelin. Inside is a small cylindrical tube. Open the tube, there’s a scroll with squiggles on it. Crea’s got better things to do than read so she hands it to Bingo. Who confirms that it is, in fact, a scroll. Probably a magical kind. We decide to post up in the waterfall room for a short rest of about an hour and then head over to the snake statue room. 


Back in the snake statue room, and the face on the statue has changed. It looks like it’s snarling with wide eyes when before it had been blank faced. Issana someone say “spread out, they have to be down here somewhere” from back behind us… 



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